Welcome to the ODOTS

This is the main page for the Open Design Orienteering timing system, still in development.

What is the ODOTS?

ODOTS, the Open Design Orienteering Timing System, is a project to develop a timing system for orienteering events and training that has an accessible and open design. The big advantage of this approach is a drastically reduced implementation cost, good for clubs starting up or looking to have events in high risk areas!

The ODOTS proof of concept has now been constructed and is awaiting practical demonstration.

All files for using the ODOTS can be found at its Github Repository, documentation can be found in the current Specification and User Guide was last updated on 6 October 2019. Source Code for the embedded firmware and software interface can be found in their own repositories: Firmware and Software



Ongoing progress on the ODOTS proof of concept is being documented here. Currently the proof of concept units are being finished with a public practical demonstration expected in the near future.


The ODOTS is still very early in its development, however if you have ideas for things you would like to add, questions about the design or require support in using the ODOTS, please contact me (l.jones278).

Latest News

09/10/2019 The Proof of Concept Units have been boxed up and prepared for demonstration, though this may not be for a while. Full report here

28/09/2019 The PCBs have arrived and a couple all put together. They work, and look very slick. With these pieces coming together the final dimensions of the ODOTS proof of concept hardware are now known so enclosures are on order and the home straight has officially been reached! Full report here.

13/09/2019 Whoop whoop, fighting with the Veroboard design finally convinced my to go and investigate PCBs. It turns out that they are far less tricky than they appear, and offer a number of advantages without that much of a cost penalty, full discussion here.

12/09/2019 Power consumption is an interesting topic for any project, no less an RF device that has to last for days unattended. Some simple tricks mean that the ODOTS has quadrupled its predicted endurance, though there is still a long way to go. Full report here.


The ODOTS proof of concept development has been supported by the Orienteering Foundation.